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THE ART OF WAR - Five years in Formula One

The Art of War - Five Years in Formula One is the first contemporary account from inside Formula One and the first to be presented in the form of a comic book.

The author, Adam Parr, came from outside the sport to run one of Formula One's longest-standing and most loved teams: Williams. Finding the team in great difficulties, both on and off the track, Parr set out a strategy for recovery and implemented it over the following five years.

These were extraordinary years. The sport expanded from 17 to 20 races, adding events in Singapore, Spain, Abu Dhabi, Korea and the United States. At the same, most of the teams changed hands as most of the major car manufacturers pulled out in response to the financial crisis. Meanwhile, Williams diversified its business, steadily improved its finances and became the first to become a public company.

The final piece of the jigsaw was to get back to the front of the grid, which happened just six weeks after Adam stood down as chairman.

Adam documents both success and failure with brutal honesty and describes the intense competition on and off the track that makes Formula One such an extraordinary sport.

It is a book with little in the way of comment on events, but they are put together in such a way as to give great insight into the world of F1. As such one does not get turned off by any feeling of sour grapes, nor bogged down in details that do not much matter. You can whisk through the story and understand the machinations. The book begins with portraits of the team principals and what Adam learned and admired about them. These are positive and that is the tone of the whole book. There is no blame, no vitriol, just observations. It is the work of a very clever man who wanted to change F1 for the better but perhaps set about doing it in the wrong way. The drawing style is dark, with occasional red being the only non black and white element. It makes for a most unusual insight into the sport. I recommend it highly.

Joe Saward, writer, journalist and blogger

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