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What I set out to do, where we found some success and where things did not work out.

Adam Parr

A new perspective on Formula One

I have written this book for people who are interested in Formula One - and for people who, like me for most of my career, work in other fields. Competition is the cornerstone of our world. Formula One is simply a competition taken beyond any logical boundary and played out in front of half a billion people. Strategy is how you navigate your way through the competition and it applies as much to the business and politics of Formula One as it does to the race strategies deployed each weekend.

In the book I try to explore the strategic world off the track as I saw it over my five years in the sport. I have written the book as a graphic novel because it was for me a very visual and tangible world and one which, after all, was about entertaining people. It is just a perspective but, I hope, a different and interesting one.

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